Sunday, October 14, 2007

Just like any other Sunday

Today is just like most other Sundays except that it falls 3 days after National Coming Out Day and right in the middle of GLBT History Month. Since Sunday is a day of worship for many Christian faiths, it seemed like this post would fit well.*

In the past days and months (and years), many Christian sects along with other world religions have faced a struggle within their leadership and membership to reconcile their beliefs and teachings with acceptance of GL (there is literally no mention in the media of the B or T persons) people and practices. Most recently, the Episcopal Church of the United States has faced criticism from within and from other parts of the Anglican Communion, about the ordination of gay and lesbian clergy and blessing of same-sex unions. At a meeting in New Orleans last month, the leaders responded by stating they will 'exercise restraint' on clergy and "will not authorize" the blessing of same-sex unions.

The Catholic Church, the Presbyterian Church and others have also faced similar struggles.

Still, there are leaders and members of so many Christian and other world religions who believe that religious teachings encourage their followers to accept and affirm GLBT individuals. In a special section of the Dallas Morning News and an open letter from Episcopal bishop, Gene Robinson, it is apparent that everyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity is worthy of acceptance and support.

* As the most widely published information relates to Christian denominations, rest assured there was no intention to purposely leave out any other faith. Some resources that may be helpful include:

Baptists - - The Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists
Catholics - - a chapter of Dignity USA
Church of Christ - - The United Church of Christ Coalition for LGBT Concerns
Church of Latter-Day Saints - - Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons
Episcopals - - advocacy and support for GLBT Episcopalians
Hindus - - an international organization for Vaishnavas and Hindus
Jews - - the National Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity
Lutherans - - supporting the inclusion of GLBT Lutherans
Methodists - - one independent group supporting GLBT Methodists
Muslims - - an organization developing resources for GLBT Muslims
Presbyterians - - a network promoting full participation of GLBT people in the Presbyterian Church

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