Sunday, September 23, 2007

For your LGBT Career Services needs

While there are the traditional resources for college and university students to prepare for the inevitable job hunt as they get closer to finishing their degree, LGBT students and their allies may find other materials to be helpful as they seek a work environment that is welcoming and respectful of all people regardless of gender identity/expression or sexual orientation. This month, the Human Rights Campaign, a non-profit organization that advocates for LGBT equality, released its sixth annual Corporate Equality Index, which rates large companies (such as Fortune 500s) on their policies and practices towards LGBT employees and consumers.

Besides the ratings, there is also a guide to the "Best Places to Work." This website lists those companies with outstanding workplace practices for LGBT individuals with an easy to view index by industry. Those companies headquartered in Texas include:

American Airlines
AT&T Inc.
Brinker International Inc.
Clear Channel Communications, Inc.
Dell, Inc.
Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

Besides the HRC information, there is an annual conference called Out for Work. In its third year, it is held this upcoming weekend in Washington D.C. While it is too late for this year, the Allies Program looks forward to working with any student interested in attending the next conference!

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