Saturday, August 18, 2007

Que Queer! - The San Antonio LGBT Community

At the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center thru September 2007
A celebration of the heritage and history of our San Antonio lesbian, gay, bisexual, Two Spirit, transgender and queer communities through art, artifacts, ephemera, images and mementos.Aquí en San Antonio, we are taught to present images through filtered lenses. Lenses that hide who we really are, that erase our histories. We aren’t allowed to tell the true stories of what it means to live in San Antonio and be brown, black, working class, poor, female, queer…
As lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, Two-Spirits, transgender and other queer peoples, our stories and the images of our lives are made invisible. Pero aquí estamos. We are here and have been for generations. The lives of Queer people and communities are a part of the fabric of San Antonio. Our stories reside on every street, in every home, in every school, in every park, in every establishment.
To tell our stories out loud is a revolutionary act.
from the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center website

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